uBlock Origin Vs Adblock Plus

UBlock Origin vs Adblock Plus Overview

UBlock Origin vs Adblock Plus: Which Adblocker To Choose 2018, With a pop-up blocker, we can get rid, in a stroke, of almost all ads and pop-ups, regardless of whether we visit Google pages, YouTube, magazines or multimedia streaming websites.uBlock Origin Vs Adblock Plus

Those of us who have been navigating the Internet for a while now is used to the ads – yes, the annoying ads – that are used to generate income to the websites that offer us content. What many users still do not know is that most of these ads can be easily blocked by browser extensions. Today we will compare two of the best currently: UBlock Origin vs Adblock Plus.

The most popular application to block ads on the Internet is still AdBlock Plus, today. Others, such as AdBlock, have been forgotten for a while and, on the other hand, there are other recent alternatives such as Unblock Origin, which has some advantages over its main competitor, as we will see below.

UBlock Origin vs Adblock Plus: Ads Management

AdBlock Plus works well, but it’s not perfect either. It is not able to block some of the ads from Google, Microsoft, and other large companies. Why? Quite simply, these companies have paid the necessary price to keep their ads intact. For its part, other websites with ads that are not intrusive or annoying, are included in the blockers’ whitelist -something that is logical, so as not to annoy the business of who offers you content, if it does it properly- and they also allow websites to be manually whitelisted by the user.

Performance in old machines (UBlock Origin vs Adblock Plus)

AdBlock Plus requires a lot of processing capacity to perform its task -both processor and RAM- and therefore it is not recommended for systems with limited resources.uBlock Origin Vs Adblock Plus

Let’s see below a comparison of the use of resources by the two most popular blockers currently.UBlock in its Origin 1.1.1 version, manages to save about 40% of system memory reserved for the browser. Data corresponding to Chromium browsers in version 45.

During lab tests, simulating normal ad blocking operations, we can see how UBlock is postulated as the most recommended option if we want to save on inverted processor time. So, that’s all about the performance of UBlock Origin vs Adblock Plus.

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UBlock Origin VS AdBlock Plus: blocking effectiveness

It is possible that at this point you may ask yourself: is UBlock really effective despite taking care of the resources? The truth is that yes, it has nothing to envy AdBlock Plus and, in fact, rarely, is able to block resources that it can not.

UBlock Origin Vs Adblock Plus
UBlock Origin Vs Adblock Plus

You can find all the details about the tests performed on Github.

In theory, both engines use the same blocklists, so we can say that both apps tie in this section. There are also others such as Ghostery or Disconnect, which we will analyze in later articles. Effectiveness is pretty much similar in UBlock Origin vs Adblock Plus.

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UBlock Origin VS Adblock Plus: interface

  • The interface of both programs from the browser offers us a button with a counter of requests blocked in real time and a panel of instruments of fast access.
  • UBlock Origin has a minimalist panel, with the only option in sight to turn the blocker on / off. next to a statistic. The icons around it allow us to inspect elements of the pages and request logs. However, they are not exactly easy or interesting for the average user.
  • The AdBlock Plus interface is noticeably larger and more detailed. We offer by default the option to share configuration options.
  • Advanced users may prefer quick access to advanced UBlock options. But less knowledgeable users may prefer the ease of configuration of AdBlock Plus. Below you can see the AdBlock Plus options menu.

UBlock Origin remains independent and fully open. So we should not worry about certain “sponsored” or paid ads sneaking in.

As you can see above. UBlock Origin allows us to configure a greater number of behaviors at a glance. In addition, it allows us to collect blocking markers established across the network by AdBlock Plus users.

On the other hand, in addition to the rules and filters that can establish. UBlock gives us a huge list of third-party filters (called subscriptions filters ABP) and has a greater number of them enabled by default. Last but not least, this tool also allows us to establish a blocking service WebRTC. So, that our real IP address does not leak in any way. This is the main thing regarding UBlock Origin vs Adblock Plus hopefully you love to read. I think this is a kind of amazing thing.

Final Words and Conclusion

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